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Wisconsin Newborn Photographer | 6 tips for your in-home session

If you’re here, most likely you’re able to have a baby or just had one – CONGRATS! 🙂 I’ve been a Wisconsin newborn photographer for quite some time now and have photographed dozens of families! Families with their first baby, some with big families. Babies that slept the whole time and ones who have been awake the whole time! Trust me, I’ve seen it all! And, I’ve learned a lot along the way. I want to share just a few tips that are helpful as you prepare for your in-home newborn session!

Enter….tips from a Wisconsin newborn photographer!

1. Light Matters

I send out a questionnaire to my clients asking about directions that windows face, and which rooms get the most lighting. If there are rooms that you definitely want pictures in, and they are best lit at certain times of the day, discuss that with your photographer so you can maximize the light in the house! I always bring external lighting also, just in case. It works best with neutral colored walls (just a tip, if you’re trying to decide on a paint color in a room with less light!)

2. Newborn Photography works best in a warm house

Bump that thermostat up a few degrees before your photographer comes! I also bring a space heater if needed to my sessions. Babies LOVE warm environments, and will be much more comfortable during the session if it’s a little warm (especially if you want those cute undressed detail shots of their hands and feet!)

3. Keep overhead lights off!

Make sure to turn off all overhead lighting (if you think of it!) If not, your photographer should do this. You will want all natural lighting for the cleanest look, which is why the light and time of day is so important!

4. Choose neutral outfit colors

This is super important and I’m questioning my choice to put this as number 4 😉 I always recommend choosing neutrals for your session, especially for in home sessions. And, despite what people might think, it’s not because I love neutrals so much (although I do!) We all know that light is reflective. And that can work in our favor, or it can work against us! When you have light coming in that hits your outfit and then reflects onto baby’s skin, it will make them look green if you are wearing green, or blue if you are wearing bright blue. Muted versions of colors like blue, green, pink, etc is fine! Think muted-earth tones along with creams and whites and you can’t go wrong. I send out an entire style guide when you are officially booked as a client! It explains this, as well as more clothing details as well.

5. Have toddlers? Let me handle them!

As a newborn photographer and family photographer I have seen that relaxed kids do best. And it’s easier for kids if parents let the photographer be “in charge”. Have you ever noticed that kids listen better sometimes to a teacher than they do to their own parents (or is it just mine? hahah). I ask that as parents you keep smiling and let me do all the work to capture their attention!

6. Get your hair and makeup professionally done

I say this not out of vanity, but out of care for you new moms! You will probably be tired and will definitely feel pampered and loved on with getting hair and makeup done! Plus, you’ll have a little “me” time and that always feels great! Reach out to me if you are interested in setting up hair and makeup for your session. You WONT regret it! I’ve got a few amazing hair and makeup artists that I work with locally who will come to work with you from the comfort of your own home!

baby in crib during newborn session
Mom and dad holding baby at wisconsin newborn session
baby pictures from milwaukee newborn session
close up of baby's face during photoshoot in Milwaukee by a Wisconsin newborn photographer

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