Milwaukee Newborn Photography

I have been doing Milwaukee newborn photography since 2017! I can’t believe my business will be turning five years old this year. Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck around, and who continue to support me! I want to address some of my philosophy about newborn photography, which will hopefully help you to know if we would be a good fit in working together! There are so many Milwaukee newborn photographers out there, and I want you to understand exactly how I’m different and what I offer!

When I think about newborn photography, there are a few things that I do differently than other photographers. I don’t say this to put down anyone else, but to more clearly explain why I like to do things in a certain way!

1. My newborn photography philosophy is to photograph babies in their home

Lifestyle photography is what I love! I believe that when you look back on photos years from now, and when your kids look back on photos, the photos will have the MOST value when they are taken in your home where you raised your babies! The place your kids grew up. The place they feel safe and the home to their beautiful memories. They will look back and remember the couch in the photo, the art in the wall and will connect memories from their childhood to the photos. I thought it was so fun to see the pictures of me and my brothers in our house, and to see how it has changed!

parents holding their children during a milwaukee newborn photography session

2. I believe strongly in newborn photography including families in the majority of the photos.

Milwaukee newborn photography showing a mom holding her baby on chest

Do I take photos of the baby alone? Yes. Should the baby be the focus of the newborn session? No. Hear me out for a second…when you bring a baby home, the ENTIRE family changes. Your other children are suddenly big siblings! You are now a mom (either for the first time, or to another baby!). The purpose of newborn photography is not to only remember what your newborn looked like. It’s to remember how your family changed and how you all felt. To remember the sweet baby snuggles. You’ll love looking back and seeing the connection between the baby and the entire family unit.

3. Baby can be any age during the newborn photoshoot

Parents of baby holding child during a milwaukee newborn session.
Milwaukee newborn photography with baby laying in crib

When you’re looking for someone in Milwaukee to do newborn photography for your family, you may see a lot of different recommendations on the best time for photos. I believe that baby can be any age for your shoot. While they will be the most sleepy in the first two weeks of life, sleepiness is not essential when the photography is less posed and has less props. I love pictures of babies in their parent’s arms and in natural baby-led poses. Because of this, babies could be several months old and it would still be a great newborn photography shoot! Choose your timeframe based on when YOU feel best. If you need extra time, don’t feel like you need to take them in the first two weeks of life. Waiting can be best on everyone, and you’ll still get super adorable photos!

Interested in learning more? Contact me and we can chat about setting up your own newborn session! And in the meantime, make sure to check out my process over on my newborn lifestyle page!