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Mom’s Mental Health Initiative | An Interview with Sarah

I have been working on interviewing local business and organizations that I wish I knew about when I was a new mom! A past client of mine actually reached out to me and suggested Mom’s Mental Health Initiative. I’m so excited to feature an interview that I did with Sarah, one of the co-founder. Mom’s Mental Health Initiative seeks to be a resource to pre and post-partum moms who are struggling with anxiety, depression or other similar feelings.

This is meaningful to me because I actually struggled with this during each pregnancy! I had prenatal depression, during the second trimester of all of my pregnancies. I didn’t realize at the time that there was much to be done about it other than a trial of medication which I was told would start working in 6-8 weeks. It was truly difficult for me, and it seemed that everyone I asked didn’t really know where to send me or what to do. I was always encouraged to just wait it out until the baby was born. I wish I had known about Mom’s Mental Health Initiative sooner – just wait until you hear about all they offer. This is a great resource if you are going through this personally, or if you know someone else who is!

So, what does Mom’s Mental Health Initiative (MMHI) offer?

They are a grass roots non-profit that originated in March of 2016 helping with mood and anxiety disorders, assisting moms in finding the RIGHT help. They offer three different types of services:

1. They connect moms to resources

MMHI connects moms to EVIDENCE-BASED resources such as mental health providers that are screened by their organization. They find providers that fully understand the urgency of the situation and that have knowledge and expertise to help someone recover. Many times moms who are going through postpartum or prenatal depression or anxiety don’t have the language to express what is wrong, and this is where these professionals will really help them to seek what they need to in order to start the healing process.

2. They share information from a patient perspective

MMHI is committed to meeting with providers and with the community to get the word out about who they are as well as how moms can be helped. They know that knowledge is power, and that postpartum and perinatal anxiety/depression is a true disease and not a made up story. They want women to get the help they need, and they want people to grow in their understanding of what is happening.

3. Peer Support

I can’t tell you how nice it would have been to have this when I was going through my pregnancy. Sometimes it can feel like you are talking to people who just don’t understand. Mom’s Mental Health Initiative offers peer support to moms who reach out via an unsearchable and private Facebook group. It’s invaluable to have a resource of fellow moms who have been there and who can offer encouragement and advice!

Sarah at Mom’s Mental Health Initiative went through this 14 years ago and says “It’s what gets you through, shows you that you can do it, and keeps you alive.”

So, how do you know when to reach out to Mom’s Mental Health Initiative?

Sometimes you don’t know! It’s okay if you don’t have the words to explain how you feel. Any time that something doesn’t sit right or feel right, it’s a good time to reach out. They will serve as an open door to resources as needed and will help you through the process!

Extra Tip

During the interview, Sarah notes that she highly recommends getting a doula! If you are at Ascension Ozaukee, you might even be able to get one through the hospital. Ask your doctors! She said getting a doula who was able to advocate for her after birth was one of the best decisions she made.

Sarah – Thank you so much for taking the time to interview! I hope this helps new moms who might need some extra support.

One of the best ways to find out more is to check out their website at

They have a WEALTH of information. You can find information on different mood disorders here if you have questions and you can also contact them if you are feeling anything isn’t right.