Truly, I am so glad you found me, and I can't wait to meet you! I believe wholeheartedly that family is one of the greatest gifts there is in this life. They're the reason we work so hard, and at the end of the day, family is the thing that lasts. 

I'm passionate not only about photographing your family, but in encouraging you to truly ENJOY your family. Photography is amazing because it allows me to show you how beautiful your family is at this EXACT moment in time. Yes- even with the wild toddler! I love to produce images that will help you to remember not only how you all looked, but ones that you will look back on to remember how you all FELT about one another! 

From one mom to another, this time is precious and I'm grateful you're here considering having me capture it all for you!

i'm a milwaukee family photographer with a special place in my heart for photographing mamas and their babies - can't wait to meet you!

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So glad you're here!

my family!

My inspiration and team...

Micah (7) on the right & Jude (5) in the middle! 

Me and my baby girl! The best surprise

Husband & biggest supporter

Nate (3)
aka: "Natey"

I want to help you portray your family in a way that is beautiful but is also authentic to you. We don't need ball gown dresses and all bells and whistles in order to get you beautiful photos!
I'll guide you through the whole process so that you will come out with beautiful images for your walls that feel like you!

With almost a decade of experience as a photographer, I value giving you the best quality images that I can, as well as a top notch experience. From the first time you reach out, I will serve you and help you every step of the way so that you have photos that are frame-worthy as well as an excellent experience to look back on 

high quality imagery

My photography business has been and always will be about the people. Establishing trust with you, your family and your kids is SO important to me. Customer service always comes first. People will always be the most important, and my work and business practices reflect that.


Things that are important to me...


A few things to know about me:

i started this business...

i have a degree in

i'm obsessed with..

in 2016 after my son was born!

babies. hot chocolate. painting. jesus.

my perfect day:

outside with people i love, followed by a good brunch :)

favorite place i've been:

Juneau, Alaska! Hands down!

favorite thing to photograph:

toddlers! Give me all the energetic kids!

favorite time of year for photos

summer- specifically, June & September!

a favorite milwaukee location

south shore park (we got married there!)

physical therapy! specializing in working with people with Parkinson's and dizziness.

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Exploring new places


"I love the way she uses natural light to enhance her photos… they come out looking polished and professional, yet natural and not overly posed… just perfection! She is so friendly and down-to-earth, which makes the photo sessions so much more comfortable. And she is so patient with the kiddos… I was really impressed that she got so many good shots of my less-than-cooperative toddler!" - Katie

Hands down Abby is the best. The photos made me cry of pure happiness. She captured my little girls perfectly, and the photos will hang on my walls for years and years to come. Abby is AMAZING at engaging the little kids and keeping them interested. And even if your kiddo isn’t having it, she works through it and you will still have a gorgeous gallery! I can’t recommend her enough, just book her and don’t think twice. -Jessica

"We really enjoyed working with Abby. She’s is so fun to work with. Super creative. We had no idea how to pose and she guided us through. We got our photos really quickly and we LOVE them. 📷 Thank you Abby for capturing our memories!" - Dui



preserve your family's legacy

At the end of the day, we can't slow down time, but we can hold onto our memories through photographs. You and your children deserve it!

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