Staff photo at Revitalize Physical Therapy in Hales Corners, Wisconsin

Revitalize Physical Therapy

Today I want to introduce you to a local business called Revitalize Physical Therapy! If you aren’t aware, I actually went to school for physical therapy. I practiced for about 6 years before deciding to stay home with my kids and work solely on my photography business. It goes without saying that I’m a BIG fan of physical therapy! And since having kids, I’m an even bigger fan of women’s health physical therapy. I’m here to bring you resources that are helpful for moms, and I can’t imagine NOT adding this one into the mix.

I recently got to photograph the staff of Revitalize Physical Therapy last year! Brenda, the owner, reached out to me for staff photos. After going, I can recommend them even more highly. They are professional, approachable and doing amazing things for women.

Women’s health PT is such a valuable resource for moms, and I’m so excited to share with you.

Are you a mom who thinks that peeing with exercise is just normal now that you’ve had kids? Or someone who is experiencing painful sex? Keep reading on because this interview is for you!

Staff photo at Revitalize Physical Therapy in Hales Corners, Wisconsin

How long have you been around? What makes you stand out from other PTs serving the same clientele?

We’ve been in business for 6 years and specialize in women’s health. Most clinics in the area are not fully specialized in women’s health and just do it in conjunction with other types of injuries. We also incorporate other aspects into our care such as video analysis, exercise, and functional health to better care for women. 

How would you describe Women’s Health PT to someone who doesn’t know what it is?

Overall, women’s health PT is a specialized type of PT that addresses common issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic heaviness or prolapse, and pain with intercourse. The most surprising thing about women’s health PT is probably that we also address the pelvic floor and that typically involves an internal, intra-vaginal assessment (if you’re comfortable with that) since that’s the best way to feel and know what the muscles are doing. But your treatment will also involve looking are your core, diaphragm and posture since it’s all connected.

Who are the best candidates for women’s health/ pelvic floor PT? 

Besides the more “obvious” issues for pelvic floor PT such as incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse or pelvic pressure and pain with intercourse, women with low back and hip pain can also benefit. I always tell people that if their back or hip pain hasn’t resolved with other treatment, it’s likely tied in with your pelvic floor. In addition, I think everyone should see a pelvic floor PT during and after pregnancy and in peri menopause! 

What would you say to the mom who is nervous about PT?

I totally get it! In order to become a certified pelvic floor PT, we have to play patient and therapist in our class so we all understand how women might feel nervous or uncomfortable about any internal treatment. But we always work within your comfort level so there’s no need to be nervous! We never do anything you aren’t comfortable with or feel okay about. 

How is a busy mom supposed to fit this in their schedule?! Is it realistic?

Contrary to more “traditional” Physical Therapy, we typically start off seeing women 1x/week rather than the traditional 2-3x/week.  This, along with a variety of appointment times to accommodate schedules, makes it much more realistic.  All of the doctors at Revitalize Physical Therapy are also very cognizant of women’s schedules, especially busy moms, when we are prescribing any type of home program.  I’ve always given exercises with the thought in my head of “is this something I would be willing and able to do?” and if the answer is no because there are too many exercises, then it gets modified. 

We totally understand the barriers and challenges that many women face to seek out help and we have tried to minimize those barriers as much as possible!  In fact, we even have “kid-friendly” exam rooms with toys for them to play with and snacks for them to eat if you need to bring your little one along to your appointments.

What do you want new moms to know about pelvic floor PT?

It is important to make that a priority even though being a new mom is a really really hard phase.  You will not regret it!  It can help you recover so much better so you aren’t suffering or dealing with issues years down the road.  Plus, the guidance you get will make it easier on you since it takes out the guesswork.

What are some common misconceptions about women’s health physical therapy? 

1. Just do kegels.

If you have pelvic floor issues like leaking. Fun fact – kegels can often make issues worse because the majority of women have overactivity (aka tightness) of their pelvic floor so it’s similar to tightening an already tight muscle. 

2. It’s just better to wait till your done having babies to seek out help.

Having pelvic floor PT during pregnancy or before subsequent pregnancies will be better long term and often result in less dysfunction.  It also makes it much easier to recover and ultimately require less PT overall.

3. Leaking and pain with sex is just a normal thing after having kids or as you get older!

These are common but not normal. Seek out help if you experience these things.

4. You can just do some core exercises that you found online.

The internet is full of advice and options…mostly from untrained people.  The best way to get results is to have care from someone trained in that area and that is personalized to you and your goals.

5. Just give it more time.

Most women think things will heal with more time and this is a big misconception. Very rarely will it get better with time and the underlying issue will still be there so then issues will crop up again later down the road. Address it earlier than later for best results.

If you’re hoping to find a SPECIALIZED team of experts to help with any post-partum issues, Revitalize Physical Therapy is the best to contact!

You can find their website at and follow them on Instagram. They have tons of helpful tips!

Physical therapist at Revitalize Physical Therapy is talking to a client during a PT consultation
Brenda Heinecke, owner of Revitalize Physical Therapy, is treating a client with manual therapy at her Hales Corners office. On the right, she is educating the patient in her symptoms.
Physical therapist working on a patient's strength