Whitefish Bay Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A few months back I went to do a Whitefish Bay newborn session that was such a dream! I actually had done a lifestyle session with Allie and Marc almost exactly one year prior.
It felt great to see them again, and to see them add another daughter to their clan! I was also so excited to be able to take pictures for them in their new home that they just moved into to help them make memories in the place where they’ll be raising their babies!

In this time of social distancing and pandemic, I’ve been struck by how special it is to have time with our families. It’s a light in what seems to be a really dark time for a lot of people. I’ve heard from friends who are usually working out of the home who tell me that they have seen more of their children than they ever have, and that it has been a blessing to them.

My heart in my photography business has always been to capture images of your family that you’ll look back on and that will help you remember how you felt in the “little years.” We hear all the time about how draining and monotonous these days can be. We need more encouragement to remember the beauty and the joys of having children and families. If anything, this pandemic is hopefully helping us to do that and to see the beauty that’s happening right in the middle of the walls of our homes. And I hope you can feel that as well in these images.

Enjoy a few favorites from my session with Allie & Marc!