Lifestyle Newborn Photography – Milwaukee WI

Have you ever wondered what type of newborn photography is right for you? Posed newborn photography? Lifestyle photography?

This one is for all those moms out there planning their newborn sessions and wondering about some of the pros and cons of different styles of newborn photography! I’ll preface this by saying that if you don’t follow me, I’m a lifestyle photographer, and obviously a huge fan of that style. BUT I realize that not everyone will want that type of photography. And that’s okay by me! I want my clients to understand what lifestyle photography is and how it differs from other types of newborn photography. In the end, if they decide they’re just as passionate about lifestyle newborn photography as I am – AWESOME! If not, that is okay too! I can’t serve everyone, and in the end I want you to get the type of photos that YOU love!

So, here we go! I’ll explain a little bit about lifestyle photography – what it is, why you might choose it, who it’s right for and who it isn’t right for!

What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography takes place in your own home and has more of a documentary feel to it than posed studio newborn photography. The purpose of it is to capture life with a newborn and the family unit after a newborn in photographs that are true to everyday life. The details of your own home, baby’s nursery and even your own swaddles and outfits make these photos ones that will hopefully bring back emotions about what it was like in those beginning, sweet newborn days <3

Why might you choose lifestyle newborn photography?

There are many reasons why you might choose a lifestyle approach to your newborn photos! Here are a few reasons why I love them:

– It features your home! You don’t have to have a magazine worthy home, but if you put all that work into decorating your baby’s nursery, it’s great to have it documented beautifully in photographs. Have a favorite place in your house that is very nostalgic to you? Lets get that documented! Your baby will be able to look back at where they were raised, which adds something very special to your photos!

-It’s easy to be in front of the camera when you’re surrounded by the things and people you love (even your pets). If you’re in your home environment, it often doesn’t even feel like a real photoshoot.

-Life with a newborn can be overwhelming, so with an in home session you don’t even need to leave your house! You don’t need to worry about the logistics of getting your toddler ready and out the door. In fact, your toddler will only need to engage in the shoot for a short time before they’re able to take a break and play with their own toys in the other room.

-Babies are some of the most pure creatures on this earth. Lifestyle newborn photography shows them in a very pure and honest state. The session is much less posed and is laidback. The resulting photos are focused on you and your baby and are not centered around props. you know I love lifestyle photos! Why might you decide NOT to do lifestyle newborn photos?

This style definitely isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Posed newborn photography, particularly in a studio, can be much more appealing for certain people. Maybe you LOVE the idea of getting your baby dressed up in different outfits, wraps and love to incorporate a “theme” into your photos. Maybe you really dislike your decor, and you would rather not have your home featured in any way. Maybe you want to leave the house, because the idea of having someone else come over at this time is overwhelming. Or, maybe you love the posed baby look! Those are all reasons why lifestyle photography may not be the route for you…and that’s okay!

Newborn lifestyle photography works BEST in well lit homes. However, you don’t have to have the most beautiful or bright home either! Cameras are able to tolerate low light fairly well these days. Similarly, you do NOT have to have a completely clean house for this type of photography to work for you. I always tell my moms that they should tidy a bit around certain rooms, but we can always move something in a session if need be!

Do you have any questions or thoughts? Experiences with one or the other? Leave a comment and I’m happy to help answer your questions!