baby looking out window

Sara and Ben | Greendale Newborn Lifestyle Session

This last week has been a cold one here in Wisconsin! We had temperatures dipping down to -50’s, and if you have young kids at home, you know that it was HARD to keep them entertained the whole time! Luckily, I was able to dip out of the house for a bit to capture this Greendale newborn lifestyle session with Sara, Ben and their sweet baby girl! And thankfully, my car started and I was able to make it there after some weather scares!

Sara and Ben are the type of couple who make you feel instantly comfortable when you walk into their home, and who were some of the most CALM first time parents I’ve met! They looked like they had been doing this parenting thing for a long time, and were so incredibly supportive of each other in the way that they helped and encouraged one another. One of my favorite parts of our session was when I was taking pictures of Sara and their daughter, and Ben goes “Oh my gosh! This is the BEST picture! This is so great! They’re beautiful!” Seriously….so encouraging!

I get a lot of questions about why I choose lifestyle photography over posed newborn sessions, and I hope you can tell by these photos why I love it so much. I really love how honest and natural the photos are. I love taking photos in a person’s home, where the baby’s environment is natural, their clothing is clothes they actually owned and wore, and where even the bedding and blankets are their own. I love the idea of the parents looking back on the photos at a later date and remembering the cute onesie they wore, or the crib sheets they used to sleep on. Memories get attached to homes, and make the photos even more special!

One of the most special parts of this session is the white knitted blanket that Sara’s grandmother made for her! Her grandma passed away 10 years ago, but Sara was gifted the blanket that had been saved for all those years! It was SO SWEET and I hope they will always cherish those photos with that amazing gift.

Sara and Ben, thank you for a fun session! Thank you for allowing me into your home and welcoming me warmly (literally!). I hope to cross paths with you both again in the future!

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