Baby Wardrobe – Tips from a Waukesha Newborn Photographer

I get many questions from new parents, and one of the most common is “How do I dress my baby for their newborn session?” As a Milwaukee and Waukesha newborn photographer with 9 years of experience, I have learned a lot over the years about what works and what doesn’t. I’m excited to share some tips with you here! There are three main options that I would consider!


Swaddling your baby for your Milwaukee or Waukesha newborn session is a great idea! I recommend this if baby is starting to have a hard time falling asleep, and needs a little extra help to settle. I prefer to save this for a later option, because I really love to see the baby’s little toes and hands! But, swaddling can be helpful in many situations (for example, for shots with older siblings!) For this reason, I recommend having at least one neutral colored swaddle on hand. The great news is that if you choose me as your Waukesha Newborn photographer, I actually bring many different swaddle options to sessions and you will not need to worry about this! Find out more about what it is like to work together here on my newborn page.

Family holding their newborn son who is swaddled. Images are taken by a Waukesha Newborn photographer
Baby in a swaddle during a waukesha newborn session

Outfits for your Waukesha Newborn Session

Choosing an outfit for your baby can feel overwhelming! But, it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips!

  1. If your baby is between sizes, choose an outfit that is tighter rather than looser. It will be more flattering on your baby if the outfit is more snug
  2. Choose earthy colors, neutrals or muted color tones. For girls, avoid light pink. Newborn skin can be very red/pink, and pink will blend into the skin. If you want your daughter to look more feminine, I recommend light textures or patterns. Small and dainty bows also look great on newborn baby girls! Avoid large bows, ruffles, or other pieces of fabric that can easily block the face from photos.
  3. Show off the hands and feet. Baby features are SO cute and SO little! Lets show them off!

If you can’t find an outfit you love, you cannot go wrong with a plain white onesie. It is a very classic and timeless look!

A few of my favorite places to shop are Zara and Isla & Fraser!

Mom snuggling baby and mom and dad smiling with baby. Images taken by Waukesha Newborn Photographer, Abby Park Photography
Baby snuggled on Mom's chest during a newborn session

Loose Swaddle with Diaper Cover

Another item that I bring to my sessions as a Milwaukee and Waukesha newborn photographer is a plain white diaper cover! If you’re looking to really show off all the newborn baby skin, this is a great option! I often pair this with a loose swaddle so that you can see all the details!

Loosely swaddled baby sleeping during a waukesha newborn session

Are you interested in working together? Learn more about my newborn sessions here! I’d love to talk to you to see if we would be a good fit!