Spring Outfit Tips from a Milwaukee Family Photographer

If you’re planning a session in the spring, there are several different considerations when you consider your outfit choices!

Each season has its own coloring, and spring definitely shows off with color! Think of a photo similarly to the way you would think of a painting. In a spring “Scene”, you’ll find cool-toned greens along with bursts of pink and white in the florals. There may even be some brown coloring in the tree branches that run across the image.

The best advice I can give in ANY season is to dress in neutrals (if you know me, you know I will always recommend neutrals) but simplicity is especially important in spring because of the colors in the background! Because the background has so much going on, you won’t want to blend in or add the “noise” of the image with busy clothing.

With all that said, here are my best tips for planning your spring photo outfits (with photos and links for inspiration!)

Moms, pick your outfit first

I believe that dresses are the most universally flattering, and always recommend midi or maxi dresses for my clients! Choose a dress that is either sold in color (a muted neutral, cream or pastel works best in spring!) or with a very dainty pattern, like a small floral. The pattern should be so small that when you squint at it, it almost looks like a solid color!

This is just a personal preference, but I opt for dresses that are “Dressed up but not too formal” ,meaning that it looks like a nice and casual dress, but one that you could also be playful in with your kids. I aim for genuine connection, emotion and play in my photos, and it works best if the dress isn’t overly formal. The styling of the rest of the session will also add to the overall feel of this as well – more on that soon!

Here are a few picture examples, and a few links to dresses that I would recommend! Click on the photo to be taken to the website.

COLORS: Blues, whites, creams, beige, pastels work best with the spring blooms!

Let me show you a dress that I LOVE but that would not work well with the spring colors, just for a good contrast! The reason why is because it’s black. It doesn’t compliment the spring blooms as well. But, would I be mad if someone bought this for a fall, or even summer session? Nope! I love it. I think there is a reason why this model is shown with a fall setting. And, black is still a neutral. Just make sure to keep the other outfits a little on the lighter side! 🙂

Next, choose complimentary outfits for the rest of your family!

The general rule for patterns is that you don’t want more than half of your family in patterns. If you have 5 people, choose patterns for no more than 2 of you! Keep the patterns small/dainty, and try to incorporate texture into the solids. Choose outfits that will be timeless…shirts without logos work best.

For dads, I love a good henley style shirt! A long sleeve button up with rolled sleeves is a nice and casual look. In general, something that looks casual but nice (like you are dressed up but still able to play around with your kids) is best! Choose pants that are lighter in color (light denim, light gray, khaki) rather than dark colors that will pull your eyes away from the blooms.

For kids: some of my favorite places to shop are

Have any questions? Leave them below or feel to reach out! You can also check out my family photography page for more inspiration for your Milwaukee spring photo session