Considerations for Photos in Different Seasons

Here in Milwaukee, we get to see ALL the different seasons. It’s one of the things I love about our state, but also one of the things that can be difficult when trying to decide what time of year you should schedule your family photo session. Fall seems to be the most popular, but it may not be the best fit for everyone! Over the years I’ve learned through experience that each season has good and bad, and I want to share it all with you here! Keep reading on if you’re on the fence about when to schedule your session. Rather than saying “pros and cons” I’m going to say “pros and considerations”. Every season has things you should consider. Only you know what will work best for your family and your kids, and one particular consideration is not a “con” for everyone. I hope this will be informative and helpful!

Fall Family Photos

Lets start with the most sought after season….FALL!

There are some obvious reasons why fall is a favorite for many families. The colors are unique and beautiful, and you get to wear cozy clothing! What mom doesn’t love that!? The season allows for a lot of different outfit options with layering sweaters and scarves. The weather is *sometimes* nice and cool (September usually more than October here in Wisconsin!). It’s close enough to Christmas that your fall photos can double as Christmas card photos that look relatively up to date!

Fall can be COLD. If you have very young kids that are sensitive to cold, you may be better off scheduling in the warmer months. The weather can also be pretty unpredictable. Do you remember any October snowfalls? I remember a few! As much as I’d love to promise colored leaves for every fall session, I can’t promise that, because I can’t control the weather!
The bottom line here is that it can be unpredictable!

Winter Family Photos

Winter is actually quite beautiful! Snow is magical! Most people don’t choose winter as a time for family photos unless they LOVE the snow. But, it really can be a beautiful time of year. The neutral colored grasses and snow make for beautiful natural reflectors that make your skin tones look amazing!

It’s cold! I won’t add too much else here, because this one can speak for itself! But really, the snow is beautiful. And some kids just love the snow.

Spring Family Photos

Spring is a BEAUTIFUL time of year! Everything is blooming and is quite magical. The flowers are stunning!

Similar to fall, spring is unpredictable. In fact, it’s by far the most unpredictable season! The florals have bloomed at a different time the past three years, and once they bloom they have a short time frame of being open. This means that if you’re hoping for bloom photos, you need to be flexible in your timing. Spring can be muddy, which can be difficult especially if you have little ones that are wanting to run around and don’t like being held. It can also be cold. If you have young ones that are sensitive, I would wait a few months.

Summer Family Photos

Summer is one of the only months that you won’t have to worry about having too cold of a day (great for those cold-sensitive kiddos!). Greenery is beautiful, and the sun is out later so it’s easier to get a date on the calendar and to work around schedules and activities. Summer is excellent if picking out shoes stresses you out – just go barefoot! 😉

If you are someone that gets easily warm, sweats a lot, or gets red in the face easily you might have a harder time with a summer session. You’ll find that there are more bugs in the summertime, if that is a bother to you.

At the end of the day, there will always be inconveniences and difficulties surrounding every outdoor family session. There is no such thing as complete perfection, but it’s great to know your options and to consider a few of these items as you think about what will work best for your family!

I’m curious, do you have anything to add? Did anything I mentioned change your mind?

If you’re hoping to get on my calendar, I do book out a couple months in advance! I’m booking for fall now, and you can find out more information about how to book a session here. Can’t wait to chat with you about your vision for your session!