My Baby Registry List!

Back in August, my brother had his first baby!! When he and his wife started making their baby registry, they contacted me for help and I put this list together for them. Since then, I’ve had multiple clients who are also pregnant with their first, I’ve seen posts in mom’s groups, and I’ve had multiple friends reach out to me for registry help. I came to realize…..”Hey, I actually know something about this baby registry thing!”

I decided to share the registry with you that I wrote out for my brother. Quick disclaimer: everyone has very different ideas of what is necessary! Obviously, this is just my personal opinion after a few kids. I will make note on here which things I would borrow/find second hand, which is mostly the things that are more expensive, yet are only used for a few months. There may be things missing that other people love! I’d love to hear your input in the comments!

So without further ado, here’s the list that I came up with after four of my own! I know it’s a lot, but I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, while not adding too much extra. Stay tuned for my top ten in a future blog post!

Abby’s baby registry list:

-Crib & Crib mattress (I did not find that a convertible crib was necessary)
-Sleep sacks sleeveless (LOVE the one from Ikea)
-Love to dream swaddle – BEST transition from swaddle to sleep sack
-Crib sheets x 2
-Crib waterproof cover x2
-Muslin swaddles – I use them for EVERYTHING. Burp cloths, car cover, nursing cover, swaddling.
-Velcro swaddles (not necessary, but helpful for a tight swaddle)
-Sound machine
-Pacifiers (all my kids liked the Maam brand)
-Bassinet (BORROW or use pack n play. They only use this for a few months.)
-Pack n play
-Changing table, pad & covers(x2) (Not 100% necessary. I’d try and find the table second hand). They have pieces you can put on top of dressers if you prefer and if space doesn’t allow.

-Diapers- all sizes – we love Target Up & Up brand.
-Wipes: Huggies natural (green box)
-Diaper cream (Desitin or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste)

– Baby bathtub
-Wash/Shampoo- (unscented) eucerin in case of sensitive skin
-Lotion (unscented)
-Aquaphor (for dryness)
-Nose frida (THE BEST)
-Baby thermometer
-Baby tylenol – good to have on hand before you need it!
-Vitamin D drops

FEEDING (assuming you are breastfeeding and/or pumping)
-Bottles- we like Tommee Tippee
-Bottle brush (silicone) 
-Baby drying rack- Boon brand, large
-Nursing pads -lansinoh disposable 2-3 boxes
-Haaka (didn’t discover until 2nd or third child, but if you overproduce milk this is a lifesaver. Catches all let down on the opposite side and saves it for bottle practice. I’d wait to see if you need one, but I loved mine).
-Nursing pillow- (My Brest Friend is hands down the best and most ergonomic. Take it from me as a PT that the Boppy will just give you neck pain!)
-Milk storage bags – check insurance to see if they cover these, otherwise the Lansinoh ones.
-Breast pump – check insurance first to see if they cover this.
-Nipple cream
-Burp cloths – I ever bought the small ones, since my babies spit ALL over me. Preferred to use muslin swaddles or receiving blankets for this.
-Baby plates and utensils

-Baby Clothes (zip up jammies!!!) not button up
-Toys/ teethers
-Diaper bag- backpack style! You will thank yourself when you have a second 😉
-Baby play mat
-Baby monitor -video without wifi (personal preference after my cousin’s WIFI one got hacked!)
-Car seat cover for winter (zip around edge not down the middle)

-Stroller – I like when the carseat can click in. Personally, I don’t think anything fancy is needed.
-Baby carrier – Ergo (again, thank me later when you don’t have back pain! Truly one of my favorite baby purchases).
-Bucket car seat – compatible with stroller
-Swing? Bouncer? I vote borrow these. Not all babies like all these things. It is helpful to have a place for them to be that is comfortable and not your arms.
-High chair- again, nothing fancy.