My “baby” is 2!

This weekend, I looked at Micah who was running around drinking out of an apple juice box, chasing and laughing with his friends at church, singing to his brother, and I thought “WOW! He suddenly seems so big!” I’m a bit emotional, but mostly just happy and thankful, as we celebrate his second birthday! He has taught me a lot, and given me a lot of laughs especially in the last year.

Some of Micah’s favorites at two include:

  • Waffles.
  • Singing “E-I-E-I-O”
  • Looking for trucks out the car window, and saying “MAMA MOOOOOORE!!!!” every time he sees one!
  • Giving hugs, especially to his friends, that result in both kids being pulled the ground
  • Giving his friends kisses. He wont give them to me unless it’s a dinosaur kiss (roar, followed by a kiss)
  • “Making Jude happy” (smiling at him and waiting for him to stop crying)
  • Stealing Jude’s pacifier, followed by “making him happy”
  • Going to Kid’s in Motion where he can run out all his energy
  • Helping me stir anything and everything in the kitchen
  • Yellow plates. Has to be yellow. And his cup has to be orange.
  • Searching for the source of new noises at home
  • Playing hide and seek with his cars

Parenting has been a joy and I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person as I continue to learn how to discipline and parent Micah. Most recently, we have been working on sharing and choosing people we love over toys. When Micah is watching a tv show or playing with a really fun toy and Sam comes home, we work on stopping what we are doing and giving daddy a hug. He sometimes gets mad that I make him stop what he’s doing and I tell him “Daddy is more important than tv, or more important than the toys you are playing with!” This seems like a super basic lesson, but if I’m honest with myself I can totally see myself having similar struggles of my own! Though I would never throw a tantrum when asked to stop what I’m doing for someone, there are definitely times where I choose my own comfort over doing something for someone else, or that I put too much emphasis on my earthly possessions.

Parenting this sweet boy has helped to reveal areas that I need to ask for God’s help to change. It’s not always easy to be a mom to a toddler, but it’s definitely always giving me a good laugh and is ultimately making me more into the type of person that God intended for me to be, and for that I am thankful!

I love you so much Micah! I’m thankful for your sweet demeanor. I love how much you love to make people smile and make people happy. I love how extroverted and energetic you are, and how you are so creative. You bring me SO much joy! Happy 2nd birthday!

(pictures from his birthday party with family yesterday. Waffles not pictured, but we had a pretty awesome waffle dinner per Micah’s request!)