A letter to my mom on her 60th birthday! <3

February 1, 2018

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday! I can’t believe it! I’m so thankful for the 60 years that the Lord has given me with her, and hopeful for many more!

I’ve always been someone who was driven and pursued big things (thank you for teaching me to do that!) but have mistakenly believed that those things are the ones that I would be remembered by. While some achievements may be noticed, one thing I have learned from you is that the person you are is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the things that you do! You’ve done great things in the past 60 years, but they aren’t what I think about when I thank God for you.

I think about the way that you instilled humor in us as kids. How you and aunt Amy (really, the whole family) played pranks on us, taught us to not take ourselves so seriously, and to laugh!

I think about your openness and how that helped me to make good decisions growing up. You never cared to exert power over me, but you kindly showed me that you were in charge through talking openly with me and leading by example (and with more humor).

I think about how you are the type of person who everyone likes, because you talk to EVERYONE. I remember when I came to your house, and we went to Aldi. A young man (my age?) tapped you on the shoulder and said “SANDRA! Hi! Oh, this is your daughter? Did you know that your mom is the nicest person I’ve ever met?”. You talk to the people at restaurants…the store….everyone who walks by your house. And you get to know them. Sure, it used to embarrass me 😉 but more so it has taught me to stop and care for people.

I think about how you gave so much of your own energy to raising us, making sure that we had a lot of fun. Camping. Going to the pool. Playing outside. We were always the house with all the kids over, and you treated them all like they were your own. You are SUCH a good mom! And now, you do the same for my kids! It’s really amazing to see how much you love them, and know that you cared the same about us when we were that small.

And Micah loves you too. He loves that you spoil him with Fruit Loops and Amazon Prime tv, and that you play games with him when Sam and I need to rest (and we love you for that too <3)

Happy birthday! You are so loved and we are so thankful you’ve been given 60 years on this earth!

<3 Abby