Milwaukee Lifestyle Photography – John & Judy

About a year ago I left the VA and decided to try to find a job that was part-time and worked better for me and my growing family! I haven’t regretted my decision, but I definitely have missed my AMAZING coworkers! I loved so many things about working there, but the people are absolutely what I miss the most. Thankfully, my husband still works there so I do get to see some friends every so often, and so many of them have also been very supportive of my photography business and have hired me to capture their family events! John and Judy are both former coworkers and it was so fun to see them outside of their work role, and to see them in their own home as parents! Their home was very calming, especially considering they have two girls who are only 14 months apart! I can’t wait to see how much these two girls will love each other as they get older, because Harper already loves her new little sister, as you can clearly see below 🙂

Enjoy some of my favorites from their family session!